HPG created its own success story in the 90s. We have been using everything we have and doing everything we can to improve the quality of human life by implementing comprehensive solutions to help the community, whether they are patients or healthcare professionals.



It’s been a long journey from the very 1st day, and we wouldn’t have been able to succeed in this journey without practicing our 5 values in which they are respect, integrity, commitment, care and quality.

1-Our quality control laboratory features are the most advanced equipment to guarantee the quality of our products. The equipment is made from high-brand sources.
2-Suppliers procedures are strictly supervised and monitored to make sure that only the highest-grade materials are being used in our products.
3-The laboratories of HPG are impeccable and adherent to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards.
4-Availability of producing 15 ml ampoule (Unique In Egypt).
5-Preparation and filling under nitrogen with high purity (99.99%)
6-Fully automated closed system preparation and filtration
7-Online measurement of sensitive parameters dissolved oxygen, conductivity, PH …etc.
8-Automated cleaning and sterilization system for preparation lines (CIP – SIP).
9-Machines are CE certified.
10-Software for all equipment complies with 21CFR (FDA Guidelines).
11-Industrial zone with an uninterrupted power supply with CAT generator backup.
12-We Have 59 marketed injectable products & 135 marketed products & 171 are waiting for production and 415 products are under registration.


Our products meet and exceed all requirements, standards and specifications


Always treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect is a key requirement for promoting positive teamwork which increases it productivity and efficiency.


It is the state of being whole and undivided, that’s why we operate with consistency in accordance with a strong set of moral values while following applicable ethical guidelines.


The first step to improving the quality of life is a commitment from all of us. We are all committed to make that our top priority at all levels.


It is defined in our eagerness to help our patients with attention to detail, consistency, and willing to take ownership of issues.